• "Engaging, interactive professional development for
    early childhood professionals"

  • "Research-based writing and course design for your
    professional development needs, including CEU approval"

  • bags

    "I will come to you! I can pack my equipment and travel to your program."

  • "Coaching/mentoring for the QRIS, including assistance with
    program assessment and improvement"

  • "Guidance through the NAFCC Accreditation process,
    including Self-study and Observation"

  • "Face-to-face, webinar, distance-based training on a wide
    variety of topics that are current to the early learning field"

Welcome to Linda Schumacher Online


Linda Schumacher; Owner of Linda Schumacher Early Childhood Specialist and Education Services

About Linda Schumacher

Linda Schumacher is a life-long teacher with education and experience in all facets of early education and care. She is dedicated to helping all children to develop, learn and grow to become happy and productive adults by supporting professionals who educate the children along their way. She supports early childhood professionals through professional development, coaching, compassion, and empowerment. Her courses are engaging, even fun! She can make the QRIS understandable and achievable to you. She can guide your program and individual professional goals toward a more enjoyable and successful career in early childhood education.



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